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Plumtree partners is a private investment firm that focuses on growth opportunities and technology enabled business services. When we look into the future of business, we see three undeniable trends: businesses will increasingly focus on core activities, technology will automate processes and enable labor mobility that produces higher value.
Each of these trends contributes to our investment thesis. We believe that there exists a long term growth opportunity in the business services sector, particularly where those business services are delivered using technology to tap into talented labor in low cost cities around the world.
The services sector that is such a vital component of every mature market is an increasingly vital component of many emerging markets. Low cost telecommunications and high quality technology allow work to move instantly around the world, so that the work can now be performed by the most cost effective labor.
However, as we have long since come to realize, it takes very capable leadership to realize the promise of this seemingly simple thesis. Issues that are somewhat complex when addressed within the confines of a single market are tremendously complex when crossing borders, financial systems, legal systems and cultures.
We also believe that a powerful good can be created for all people and businesses involved. Increased and improved employment in all economies produces many ancillary benefits. From self-confidence to improvements in education to reductions in infant mortality, the impact that quality jobs can have cannot be overstated.
We developed PlumTree to help. Our objective is to leverage our global experience and access to talent to advance this thesis and to help management perform with excellence. Our interest is to collaborate with leaders, managers and investors to realize their ambitions and dreams.
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